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In 2001 the official FEIF Youth Camp will take place in Canada. It will be held at Vindsdalur Icelandic Horse Farme. Hosts are Vindsdalur Icelandic Horse Farm and the Canadian Icelandic Horse Association (I hope this is the correct name). The farm is situated near Fort St. James in West-Canada, right at Lake Stuart, the biggest lake in British Columbia. There are 15-20 Icelandics at the farm (there will be more during the camp) and 20 - 30 sled dogs. The youngsters will accommodated in tents. There is no electricity, but nature pure. Young persons from 12 - 18 can participate. As for once the venue is very close to your Americans and Canadians, I thought you should be informed as soon as possible, so you can take the necessary steps to ensure your kids get a place in the camp.

I'm sure this will be a great experience for the youngsters. Usually there are young people from all FEIF countries participating in these camps. It is a wonderful opportunity to get into contact with Icelandic maniacs from other countries, have a lot of fun together and make friends.

Information submitted by Jasmin

The next FEIF Youth Camp will take place July 18-28, 2001, in West Canada. The place is the Vindsdalur Icelandic horse farm near Fort St. James, which is situated at the third largest lake of British Columbia, the Stuart Lake. Next big town is Prince George, 1 hours drive from Fort St. James.

The farm is placed directly at the Stuart River and covers about 80 hectars. The farmhouse is a loghouse and the participants of the camp will be lodged in big tents. Life will be simple, as there is a generator, but no power and washing will be more in the river "running in the backyard," as Lisi Ohm says.

At the farm are about 15 Icelandic horses (more will be there when the camp takes place) and 20 to 30 sled dogs. The wilderness starts out the front door. Camp activities will include a four-day canoe tour down the Stuart River into the Nechako River, trailrides, a visit to Fort St. James, beach days on the riverside, and fishing.

Interested youngsters from 12 to 18 can take part in the camp. They can apply in their country by contacting the Board or the youth representative. Cost will be approximately 950 DM (or $450; but check the current rate of exchange for the actual dollar value), which includes transfers, the nine days at the camp with full board, excursions, and all activities. Applicants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the youth camp.

The USIHC will sponsor two children to the amount of $250 each, which will be awarded in the form of a credit towards the cost of the camp. Each FEIFcountry can send a maximum of two applicants. Any unfilled applicant spots will be given away to the other countries. All applicants need to submit a letter stating they want to attend Youth Camp. One applicant per letter. This letter is to be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Winners will be decided with a drawing on New Year's day 2001. Karin Segal and The United States Icelandic Horse Congress accept no liability involving accident, injury, loss of life, property loss or damage.

For more information, contact: Karin Segal, 427 W. Spazier Ave., Burbank, CA 91506; 818-569-7460.

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